Biographies: Bob Emmott

Bob Emmott has been a professional photographer since 1970, producing advertising, collateral and editorial photography, set design and model making for a variety of clients both locally and nationally. He has shown work in group shows including Philadelphia Dance by Philadelphia Photographers at the Drake and Images of Philadelphia for the University of the Arts. His dance photographs are presently in a number of private collections.
His work may be seen at

His interest in photographing dance began in 1989 when he became a board member and later board president of Terry Beck Dance Troupe. From photographing their rehearsals Bob's dance client list grew to include:

Rennie Harris/Pure Movement
Roko Kawai
Ronen Koresch
Steve Kreikhaus
The Pennsylvania Ballet
Jeanne Ruddy Dance
Melanie Stewart

He first worked with Jeanne in 2000 during her premier Philadelphia season and continues to do so. When Jeanne was beginning work on Breathless she discovered Bob's personal work was exploring the duality of dance and water through movement. They began a dialogue which lead to this collaboration for a performance.

Bob also worked with Jeanne on Oceans 1:Wetlands. His photographs appeared on large panels during the performance. An exhibit of his work, Water/Dancing, was on display in studio B of the Performance Garage during the JRD 2007 season.

More of Bob's work was also on display during Ruddydance's 2008 season as well as background projections during Jeanne's re-imagined Breathless.

image for projected background in Breathless