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Jeanne Ruddy – A Gracious Farewell
The Dance Journal
May 12 2012
by Kat Richter for The Dance Journal
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Jeanne Ruddy closes a chapter
The Broad Street Review
May 2012
by Janet Anderson for The Broad Street Review
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For Jeanne Ruddy Dance, last bows, next steps
The Inquirer
May 11 2012
by Ellen Dunkel for The Inquirer
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Last Dance, Jeanne Ruddy's finale performance.
The City Paper
May 10 2012
by Janet Anderson for The City Paper
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Few site-specific works I’ve seen have achieved the power of Ruddy’s Montage. She and her design team (which also included Peter Jakubowski’s lighting and Ellen Fishman-Johnson’s videos) perfectly integrated and executed the concept from top to bottom. Every element of the piece aligned with the location to create a singular aesthetic sense for the evening.
-Jim Rutter for Broad Street Review (4.26.11)
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At the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Jeanne Ruddy’s highly interactive collaboration with her artist Elizabeth Osborne – kept audiences moving up and down the modern gallery and happily.
-Lesley Valdes (4.18.11)
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. . . this first ever site-specific piece allowed the inherent richness of multi-disciplinary contributing elements to support the grace and purity of design and connectedness of musical, visual, dance, and lighting textures throughout.
-Kristin Narcowich for The Dance Journal (4.17.11)
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. . . JRD swept our minds and bodies away that evening to an oft unvisited place, one of color, tender music and motion that could soothe the heart of any hardened critic. My hat goes off the JRD and the movable World Premiere of Montage a Trois.
-Aaron Stella for Philly Broadcaster (4.17.11)
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MonTage à Trois: Dancers give motion to other arts
Jeanne Ruddy Dance . . . set paintings in motion in MonTage à Trois . . . They became paint, painters, and paintings.
-Ellen Dunkel for The Inquirer (4.19.11)
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"Our Greenfield students just returned from seeing JRD at PAFA. They were ALL SMILES and RAVING about the performance! I could tell they had a great time by the smiles and the bounce in their walk! The dancers must have really engaged them. The teachers said it was one of the best school trips they had ever been on. Several boys mentioned that they loved the part on the steps."
-Wendy Gosfield (4.14.11)

“It was such a pleasure to have Jeanne Ruddy Dance Company in residence for performances at the University of Las Vegas. The company is so steeped in traditional modern dance yet also brings into the mix an exciting balance of contemporary modern dance sensibility. It was a delight for our students to see firsthand how the techniques of the masters could live and survive in a contemporary company.

Congratulations on a wonderful 11 year history. The company looks so strong and vibrant, I look forward to seeing its growth and development in the upcoming years. Bravo, Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful week.”
—Louis Kavouras, Chairperson UNLV Department of Dance

The Las Vegas Dance Insider March 13, 2011
“Give and Take” — Jeanne Ruddy Dance at UNLV
“The movement was breath-centered and emotional, depicting inner torment well and reminding the audience why, exactly, modern dance can be so enjoyable to watch.” Read the complete review here.


A Perfect Circle
Dance Review: Jeanne Ruddy's "Decade of Dance"
April 13, 2010
by Janet Anderson for The City Paper
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Dancing death and Life
Jeanne Ruddy's 10th-anniversary retrospective puts the emphasis on "flourish."

April 10, 2010
by Merilyn Jackson for The Inquirer
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Two World Premieres at Performance Garage
by Merilyn Jackson for The Inquirer
April 17th, 2009
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Civilization's Trappings, Stripped Bear
by Jim Rutter for The Broad Street Review
May 7th, 2009
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Jeanne Ruddy Dance
by Lisa Kraus for Dance Magazine
May 7th, 2009
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Dance with a German Accent
by Merilyn Jackson for The Philadelphia Inquirer
April 6, 2008
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Linked Up—Jeanne Ruddy brings a master to Philly
The April 2008 issue of Dance Magazine contained an article on Susanne Linke, our 2008 Guest artist and winner of the recent German Dance award in Essen, Germany.
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Jeanne Ruddy troupe dazzles in 7th opening
Philadelphia Inquirer article 4.14.07

Tuned Up Jeanne Ruddy Dance
Janet Anderson for City Paper
April 17, 2007
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Where dance is given a speaking part
by Amy S. Rosenberg for The Inquirer
March 11, 2007
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