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Biographies: Susanne linke

Susanne Linke unites in her dance both her origins in the historic German dance tradition and the development of contemporary German dance theatre. She studied first in Berlin under the virtuoso of German dance, Mary Wigman, then went to Essen and continued her training at the Folkwang School’s dance department, which was founded by Kurt Jooss.

From 1970 – 1973 she was a dancer at the Folkwang Dance Studio under the artistic direction of Pina Bausch. She began to create her own choreographic pieces at this time. Within a few years she had gained widespread international recognition with her solos and group dances, received several awards and gave guest performances all over Europe as well as in India, South and North America.

For almost ten years, until the summer of 1985, she directed the Folkwang Dance Studio and went on tour with the group to South America as well as to other countries. Since then, she has worked as a freelance choreographer and dancer and has also been invited to work with international ensembles as a guest choreographer, among them the Limón Company in New York, the GRCOP at the Paris Opera and the Nederlands Dans Theater.