Touring: TECH Requirements

Dance Floor

  • Marley Dance Floor
  • Performance Surface must be Treated Sprung Hardwood Floor. (or use Tempered masionite painted with water-based flat paint) Note: Same applies for any compressed board substitute.
  • Optimum stage size for the Company is 42'w x 35'd or larger, (Minimum Stage size is 32'w x 24'd).
  • The stage & wing areas are to be cleaned (mopped) immediately prior to rehearsal and performance.

Dressing Rooms:

  • Dressing Rooms for (10) people, with bathrooms, mirrors, clothing racks, door locks, iron, and ironing boards.
  • Ample bottled water and proper heat levels (70-75 degrees F) maintained on Stage and in the dressing rooms at all times when the Company is present.


  • Props brought by company: (Depending on Repertory)
  • Piano Bench, Adjustable

Soft Goods:

  • 3 Sets of Black legs
  • cyc
  • full stage black scrim
  • full stage black out
  • main drape or additional set of legs


  • 1 Sound System with EQ mixer and speakers adequate for the Theater.
  • 2 Vocal microphones preferably wireless handhelds
  • 2-4 Stage Monitors for Dancers
  • 1 Cassette/CD Player
  • 1 Communication Headset System with 3-4 stations
  • 1 Paging System to dressing rooms (optional)

Lighting Equipment:

  • adequate lighting equipment at its own expense and
  • sufficient lighting instruments for on-stage side/overhead lighting, according to a minimal lighting plot including:
  • 1 Light board, preferably computerized
  • Adequate number of Lekos, Fresnels and Pars
  • Color as specified in the
  • Sufficient dimmers, gel-frames, C-clamps, sidearms, and cable
  • (6-8) Lighting Trees (booms)
  • Ladder, scaffold or cherry picker tall enough to allow safe access for focusing

Projection Equipment: (Depending on Repertory)

  • Projector
  • VHS and DVD player
  • House screen